7 Tools To Up Your Grilling Game

These outdoor cooking tools will elevate your food—literally!—so you get great flavor with fewer scorch marks, and nothing sacrificed to the coals.
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Meat & Veggies Hanging Above Grill
USA Porcelain Topper

1. Flat Out Fantastic

With the perforated USA Porcelain Topper, cooking a tray of juicy kebabs was easy peasy. (It also made a mean batch of bacon.) The nonstick surface, about 12 by 17 inches, is great for a party or a big family meal. $12, charbroil.com

Weber Stainless Steel Grill Basket

2. Small Potatoes

Grilling for one or two people? The 7 1/2-inch Stainless Steel Grill Basket from Weber is just the thing for a side dish, like potatoes or squash. It was also a fuss-free way to warm fresh berries for a shortcake, says our tester. $15, lowes.com

Sabatier's 11-inch Wok Topper

3. Full Circle

With Sabatier’s 11-inch Wok Topper, you can go stir crazy on a whole mess of diced veggies without losing small pieces to the fire. It’s made of carbon steel treated with a nonstick coating, but you can put it right into the dishwasher when you’re done. $15, target.com

Mr. BBQ Deluxe Non-Stick Flexible/Expandable Grilling Basket

4. Handy Helper

The aluminum Mr. Bar-B-Q Deluxe Non-Stick Flexible/Expandable Grilling Basket makes flipping fish fillets a cinch. Same goes for items with different thicknesses, like zucchini and mushrooms. Caveat: This one is more gas grill–compatible—it works best when the grates are level with the grill’s rim. $31, amazon.com

Tooling Around

These next three super-specialized contraptions are a little kooky, but they totally work.

GEFU BBQ Fish Rack

5. GEFU BBQ Fish Rack

It may look like a torture device, but if grilling a whole fish is on your bucket list, this stainless steel holder makes easy work of it. $33, gourmetkitchenworks.com

B2Q Chicken Leg & Wing Rack

6. B2Q Chicken Leg & Wing Rack

Chicken with skin can be tricky to grill, since fatty drips can cause flare-ups that burn your birds. With this steel rack, your wings float above the danger, leaving you with crispy-on-the-outside, moist-on-the-inside drumettes and flats. $7, amazon.com

High-Heat Nonstick Pizza Pan

7. High-Heat Nonstick Pizza Pan

Pop this stainless steel guy on your grates for a smoky-flavored, golden pie. Sure beats retrofitting your patio for a pizza oven! $40, williams-sonoma.com