This tasty Thanksgiving menu is not only super yummy, it's also super wallet-friendly! Just ask our real-life recipe testers.


Our Real-Life Testers!

Meet Beth Carter Pruett, 36 and her mom, Pam Ford, 67, of St. Louis. They're testing out our Thrifty Thanksgiving menu!

Pam and Beth

Their Mission?

Prepare a show-stopping Thanksgiving feast for $40 -- Beth says it usually costs her $200!

Dining Room

Little Helpers

At least they have these ladies, Beth's 3- and 6-year old daughters, to help out!

Daughters in Cart

A T-Day Dinner Expert

Pam has been making Thanksgiving dinners for 45 years!


Getting Started

These two perused the recipe list...

Recipe List

Bring On the Turkey

...and were ready to tackle Thrifty Thanksgiving dinner!

Animated Beth

To the Test

So what did these real-life testers think of our wallet-friendly menu?


Yummy Veggies

One of their favorite dishes was the Gingered Carrot & Kale Ribbons.


Sweet Success

"I am always looking for good kale recipes and this one is the best -- it's tender, sweet and has just the right amount of ginger," Pam says.


Gingered Carrot & Kale Ribbon

Pam loved that the leeks really brought out the great flavor in the other veggies. 



Pam made this dish for her visiting vegan children, and they loved it.


A New Kind of Stuffing

Our testers were also big fans of the Herbed Mushroom & Rice Stuffing. They said was a nice change from traditional stuffing--it was lighter than the traditional dish, but still satisfying and rich.


What a Ham!

"The smoked ham added a different, unexpected flavor," Pam says.

Cooking Stuffing

Turkey Time

Time to focus on the most important element: the bird!


Quite Quick

The testers made our Buttermilk-Marinated Turkey with Onion Gravy. "It was so easy, and it was quick--it didn't take all day and there was no need for constant basting!"


Unanimous Decision

These testers said they had never had a turkey so tender!

Carving Turkey

Scrumptious Sauce

To top it off, the Onion Gravy was "the perfect consistency" by adding flavor without being heavy.

Stove Gravy

It's all Gravy, Baby!

"It wasn't greasy or overpowering or pasty," Pam says, adding that she will definitely use this recipe again!

Gravy in Boat

T-Day Sweet Tooth

The cherry on top of this Thanksgiving sundae? Lemon Chess Pie!

Lemon Chess Pie

Full House

Beth and Pam prepared the Thrifty Thanksgiving menu for a big group, including Pam and her husband, Beth and her husband, Beth's brother-in-law and a family friend.

Group Shot


Beth's two girls, and their cute little pup, also enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast! 

Real-Life Thrifty

Seal of Approval

Pam's opinion? "This meal was different, refreshing, light and flavorful."


The Verdict?

Empty plates.

Empty Plate