Our staffers tried out 10 grocery-shopping apps to find the ones that actually save you time and money.

flipp app icon

Best for Coupon Clippers

Flipp (iOS, Android) makes bargain-hunting much easier. Type in your list (or upload a photo of it) and Flipp links to manufacturer deals and circulars—allowing you to double up on savings.

wunderlist app icon

Best for Families

Wunderlist (iOS, Android) is a general organizing app, but it's great for groceries. You can make lists for specific dates, like holidays, and set reminders for them. And you can sync up among a group, so your hubs will see that you already got the milk.

pantry check app icon

Best for Bulk Shoppers

Scan pantry items into Pantry Check (iOS) and, when you make your list, it'll suggest stuff to add that you're running low on. Before you toss empties, scan the bar code and a photo of it will show up on your list.