We tried 133 frozen chocolate treats to find the creamiest ice cream and richest flavor. Grab one before they melt!



Whether you like bars, cones or treats on a stick, we've found the perfect summer novelty to keep you cool all summer long.


Best Bar

Twix Ice Cream Bars ($3.49 for 6)


A Perfect Mix

The frozen version of a Twix candy bar adds a thick layer of vanilla ice cream to the familiar caramel, cookie and chocolate combo. Other freezer-case candy-bar riffs have too much of either ice cream or candy, but this one gets the ratio just right.

Runner-up: Snickers Ice Cream Bars ($4.04 for 6)


Best Sandwich

Coolhaus IM Pei-Nut Butter Double Chocolate Chip Cookie + Peanut Butter Ice Cream ($5.24 each)

Runner-up: Ciao Bella Caramel Gelato Squares ($4.99 for 4)


Worth the Splurge

Sure, this sandwich is pretty pricey, but its sophisticated flavor makes it so worth the splurge. You get supersize, fudgy cookies and ice cream made with real peanut butter -- plus a clever name!


Best Cone

Nestle Drumstick Vanilla Caramel Cones ($4.49 for 4)

Runner-up: Trader Joe's Mini Hold That Cone! Chocolate Ice Cream Cones ($2.99 for 8)


Totally Nuts

Frozen cones can be soggy, but this one is extra-crispy thanks to its tasty chocolate lining. Add vanilla ice cream shot through with caramel, plus a chocolate coating studded with crunchy roasted peanuts, and you've got one addictive treat.


Best Light

Skinny Cow Chocolate Mint Ganache Cones ($5.49 for 4)

Runner-up: Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Caramel Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream Bars ($4.69 for 8)

Skinny cow

Guilt-Free Goodies

These no-guilt snacks pack lots of deliciousness into just 160 calories. The not-too-sweet cone is full of creamy chocolate and mint ice cream that surrounds a fudgy ganache topping. Yes, you can have seconds!

Skinny cow

Best on a Stick

Dove Chocolate Ice Cream Bars with Dark Chocolate ($4.08 for 3)

Runner-up: Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Peanut Butter Bars ($4.39 for 3)


The Best of the Best

This decadent treat took top prize in our tasting, and it's no wonder: The dark-chocolate coating is richer and thicker than other brands, and the chocolate ice cream underneath is remarkably creamy.