We taste-tested dozens of frozen waffles from the grocery store and picked our favorites.

Best Classic

Van's Natural Foods Mini Waffles

"They're so crunchy -- they taste fried!" one panelist raved. And instead of artificial flavors and corn syrup, Van's uses cane and rice syrups for, as one taster put it, a "subtle, vanilla-like sweetness." The size is great for kids (or adults), who can dunk them in maple syrup, honey or hot chocolate. ($2.99 for 32, at most grocery stores) 

Best Berry

Kellogg's Eggo Blueberry Waffles 

Buttery and berry-studded, these took our tasters back to breakfasts their moms used to make. "Wow -- real blueberries!" one judge exclaimed as she inspected the dried fruit dotted throughout. Gushed another, "Tastes just like a blueberry muffin!" ($2.49 for 10, at grocery stores) 

Best Dessert

Julian's Recipe Natural Butter Waffles with Belgian Chocolate 

Hold the syrup -- these Belgian bad boys are perfectly sweet on their own. That's because they're made with pearl sugar bits, which toast up to a rich flavor and "a slightly crackly texture," as one taster noted. Thick yet light, the waffles have extra-deep squares, and they're swirled with plenty of bittersweet chocolate. "Nothing. Else. Needed. Maybe milk," one panelist said between huge bites. ($4.99 for four, at most grocery stores)

Best Gluten-Free

Nature's Path Organic Homestyle Gluten-Free Waffles 

Turns out a gluten-free waffle can be a "tenderon- the-inside, crisp-on-the-outside treat," as one judge described these frozen snacks. (Instead of wheat flour, they're made from a blend of brown rice, potato and corn flours.) To play up their dessert side, one taster suggested serving them with "powdered sugar and berries, or chocolate sauce and ice cream." Done and done. ($3.49 for six, at Trader Joe's stores) 

Best Healthy

365 Organic Flax Waffles 

You'd never know it from the texture -- pegged as "moist and fluffy" by one taster -- but these lightly sweetened waffles are made with whole wheat flour and flaxseed, which lend a nutty flavor and 3 grams of fiber per serving. "I could eat a million and not feel bad about it!" one panelist gleefully noted. ($2.49 for six, at Whole Foods Markets)