Serve 'em with meats, dips and cheeses, or leave them be: These babies are tasty all on their own.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005



Milton's Everything Multi-Grain Crackers

Inspired by the "everything" bagel, these crackers are big -- in size and flavor. They're deliciously buttery, and five types of seeds hug every nook and cranny. Crumble them over a salad or casserole, or stack them with sandwich ingredients. "I'm going to try them with tuna salad for lunch!" announced one panelist.

$3.29 for 8.3 oz.

Cheese-Plate Companion


Triscuit Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Crackers

The after-school fave is all dressed up with black pepper, onion and garlic. "The seasoning and wheat flavors are so in sync," noted one panelist. These crackers pair well with any cheese, from mild brie to sharp cheddar. Their thick texture swipes easily through a hearty spread, like our Sun-Dried-Tomato Pesto.

$3.69 for 9.5 oz.

Big Dipper

Pita Bites

Sensible Portions Pita Bites, Black Olive Feta

These crunchy and lightweight rounds look like miniature pita breads, thanks to baked-right-in air pockets. Plus, they're sturdy enough to scoop up the thickest dip. "I love how subtle the black olive, feta and cheddar cheese flavors are!" said one panelist. We've paired them with our Crab Cocktail Dip -- but hummus is tasty, too!

$3.29 for 2.5 oz.

Curiously Addictive

Brown Rice Chips

Koyo Organic Brown Rice Chips, Tamari

After tasting batches of bland rice crackers, these punchy little crisps thrilled us. Soy sauce and ginger add a sweet-salty kick to the nutty brown-rice base. They're gluten-free and light as a feather. "These are so intriguing and delicious; I can't stop eating them!" admitted one panelist.

$3.99 for 3.7 oz.

Impress Your Guests

cracker snack

American Vintage Wine Biscuits with White Wine, Shallot & Cayenne

"These aren't crackers, they're cookies!" remarked one taster of the dense, crumbly, shortbread-like texture. These handmade snacks fancy up any soiree, and their sweet-salty-spicy flavor is so complex, no toppings are needed -- but a glass of wine on the side is just right.

$5.99 for 4.5 oz.