Good for you? Yes. And these oatmeals (the best of 87 we tried!) taste amazing, too.


Best Plain Stovetop

Country Choice Organic Oven Toasted Steel Cut Oats ($3.99 for 30 oz.)

Best Plain Stovetop

Worth Its Wait

Make this super-creamy porridge on weekends (it has to simmer for 30 minutes). Unlike other brands, the oats have a toasty, nutty depth of flavor.


Best Flavored

Rachael Ray Oat-Tastically Good Instant Hot Cereal ($3.59 for 8 packets)

Flavored Oatmeal

Just Sweet Enough ...

We know what you're thinking -- we stacked the deck -- but this oatmeal carried the category in our blind tasting! Sweet, but rich with hearty whole grains, it's a treat without too much sugar.


Best Plain Quick-Cooking

Farm to Table Organic Pure Oat Oatmeal ($7.99 for 18.5 oz.)

Quick cooking

Creamy and Crunchy

Quick-cooking oatmeal can be mushy, but not this one, which packs creamy and crunchy textures into every bite. It's a tad pricey, but worth the upgrade


Best Extra Health Boost

BetterOats Oat Revolution Steel Cut Oats with Flax ($3.49 10 pouches.)

Health boost

Sweet, Salty and Oh-So Good for You

This lightly salted blend is bulked up with antioxidant-rich flaxseeds, which adds pops of savory flavor and crunch.


Best Frozen

Good Food Made Simple Steel Cut Oatmeal: Fruit & Berry ($2.99 for 2 portions.)


No Thawing Necessary

This decadent freezer-aisle oatmeal, sweetened with four kinds of dried berries and Vermont maple syrup, is as delish as it is easy. Just microwave and dig in!