We tasted over 50 domestic beers to find the top 10 nationally available beers for summer.

Best Classic Beer

Brooklyn Lager: Golden-brown and intense, this beer has a bold, nutty flavor that "lingers -- in a good way," one taster said. It can stand up to hearty fare like beef burgers or ribs without overwhelming. ($10 for a six-pack)

Runner-Up: Classic Beer

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Runner-Up: Classic

Best Low-Calorie Beer

Bud Light Lime: "This is so flavorful, I had no idea it was light," said one male panelist who normally shuns light beers. Thanks to the crisp lime flavor, it would be a good partner for Mexican fare like fish tacos or veggie fajitas. ($6.99 for a six-pack)

Best Low-Calorie

Runner-Up: Low-Calorie Beer

Michelob Light

Runner-Up: Low Calorie

Best Fruity Beer

Abita Purple Haze: This is beer? Made with raspberries, it smells and tastes more like a fruity, slightly wheaty soda. "Even non- beer drinkers will love it!" raved a taster. Serve with sweets or cheese. ($7.99 for a six-pack)

Best Fruity Beer

Runner-Up: Fruity Beer

Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager (Yes, our top two are both from Abita. Clearly they're doing something right!)

Runner-Up: Fruity Beer

Best Value Beer*

Miller High Life: Turns out there's some truth to its "champagne of beers" nickname: It reminded one panelist of white wine. Smooth and full-bodied, it would go well with richly flavored mains like roast chicken or grilled salmon burgers. ($4.89 for a six-pack)

*Contenders in this category had to come in under $7 for a six-pack.

Best Value Beer

Runner-Up: Value Beer*


*Contenders in this category had to come in under $7 for a six-pack.

Runner-Up: Value Beer

Best Bold Beer

Shiner Bock: Don't be intimidated by this toasty, robust beer -- its chocolaty aftertaste won over our panel. "It's super tasty, not bitter and really easy to drink," said one taster. Try it with sweet-sauced, smoky grilled meats to bring out the dark chocolate notes even more. ($7.99 for a six-pack)

Best Bold Beer

Runner-Up: Bold Beer

Anchor Steam

Runner-Up: Bold Beer

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