Americans are embracing more diverse ingredients than ever. Here's what we found on a recent trip to Wal-Mart, and what we predict you'll see on your neighborhood grocery shelves in 2015.

time machine



This Korean dish of preserved veggies, marries the pucker of pickles with the sizzle of chiles.

Goats' milk

It's higher in calcium and vitamin A than cow's milk. Try it the next time you whip up a box of mac and cheese.

Heirloom tomatoes

They add complex flavor and visual interest to salads and sauces.

Fig jam

It turns an ordinary peanut butter sandwich into a Fig Newton impersonator.

Hot wasabi peas

They have a spicy kick. So, unlike with potato chips, you won't have to down a whole bag to feel satisfied.



This tropical fruit from Southeast Asia is the base for the most amazing frozen margarita you'll ever imbibe.

Fava beans

They could replace edamame as the hottest veggie trend.

Ostrich burgers

They are a lean, iron-rich alternative to beef or turkey burgers.

Instant quinoa

Deliver a high-protein, low-carb grain to your table faster than you can say "superfood."

Fish sauce

It's lived in the shadow of soy sauce long enough. It will add authenticity to your Asian cooking.