Super Bowl Party Must-Have: Sunny Anderson's Inflatable Snack Stadium

sunny anderson inflatable stadium

Celebrity chef Sunny Anderson knows a thing or two about game-day eats. “I went to high school in Texas, where it’s all about football,” she says. 

Her love of tailgating inspired the Infladium ($20 at Party City). Yup, that’s an inflatable snack stadium—based on the Instagram craze of serving food in a mini DIY sports arena. 

“I love the trend, but I was always too lazy to mess around with cardboard and build one,” she says. “I call it ‘the better way to buffet.’ Because if I’m throwing a party, I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen. I want to watch the game, too!”

The stadium, which is 2 1/2 feet wide by about 3 feet long, comes with removable inserts, so you can pull them out, add a few bags of ice, and use it as a cooler. (It’ll hold up to three cases of canned or bottled drinks.) Score!

Your crowd will go wild for one of Sunny's favorite snack-stadium combos:

Nacho Average Party: Tortilla chips, chili, queso dip, pickled jalapeños, salsa, guac, red onions

Frying High: Fried chicken, waffles, scallions, hot sauce, maple syrup, bacon, fruit

Sweet Victory: Cupcakes with green-tinted coconut "grass", yogurt-covered pretzels, cookies, caramel corn, lots and lots of candy ("Buy with reckless abandon!" Sunny says)