Chill out this summer by cooking dinner in your slow cooker! It's an ideal way to feed a crowd, keep meats juicy and develop amazing flavor. While barbecue brisket and seafood stew simmer, you can kick back and relax.


Cola Pulled Pork Sandwiches

The key to succulent pork shoulder in this recipe is simmering it in sweet cola, which then becomes a tasty sauce for the shredded meat.

If you can, prepare the dish a day ahead for an even richer flavor.

Cola Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Red Chile-Chicken Tacos

These tex-mex tacos are great for taco night or an outdoor fiesta.

Red Chile-Chicken Tacos

Succotash Veggie Chili

Let guests customize their base veggie chili recipe by setting out bowls of the usual toppings--plus cooked chorizo or grilled chicken breasts cut into cubes for your non-vegetarian friends.

succotash veggie chili

Slow-Simmered Seafood Stew

Grilled polenta provides a hearty base for this soul-satisfying seafood stew. Use your nose when choosing fresh scallops and look for ones that smell sweet and slightly salty, like the ocean.

slow-simmered seafood stew

Smoky Pinto Beans

These spicy beans are the perfect side for any indoor or outdoor summer party.

spicy pinto beans

Easy Cheesy Italian Meatballs

Guests won't want to miss a drop of the meatball's delicious chunky tomato sauce. Help them mop it all up by serving hot, toasted bread on the side.   

Do the Dip: Slice 2-3 loaves Italian bread. Drizle each slice with olive oil and sprinkle with coarse salt. Bake in a 400 degree oven until golden. Serve hot.

easy cheesy italian meatballs

Vegetable Soup with Pesto Butter

Go meatless with this vegetarian-friendly soup with pesto butter. Quick tip! Make extra butter to serve on the side with rolls.

vegetable soup with pesto butter

Barbecue Brisket Sliders

These slow-cooked brisket sliders are so good, you won't be able to stop at just one. Top them with homemade pickles or your other favorite condiments.

barbecue brisket sliders

Low Country Greens

These low country greens take inspiration from the South and are slow-cooked with hickory-smoked bacon.

low country greens