Stylish Thanksgiving Sides

These megastylish -- and so-easy-to-do -- Thanksgiving sides fight to be the center of attention. The turkey’s going to be jealous!

Cranberry Cutouts

Slice canned cranberry sauce into 1-inch-thick rounds and use cookie cutters to trim them into cool new shapes. You can even punch out words or your guests' initials!

bread bowl

Mashed Potato Bread Bowls

Slice the tops off dinner rolls and hollow out the centers, then dollop mashed potatoes inside. Before serving, quickly warm them in a 350° oven.

brussel sprouts

Picky Veggies

Spear roasted brussels sprouts onto wooden skewers or decorative toothpicks à la martini olives. (This one's a great job for the kids!) Place one or two onto each guest's plate at serving time.

bread pudding

Stuffin' Muffins

Bake individual stuffing bundles in muffin pans lightly greased or lined with festive baking liners. Pile each portion high to give the treats pretty peaks.