It depends on how often you grocery shop.

Between whole mushrooms and pre-sliced mushrooms, which version is a cut above? We cast a sharp eye.

Cheesy Mushroom-Kale Risotto
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Prep: 0 minutes, Price: $1.78 for 8 oz.

Busy cooks love sliced mushrooms—you save 10 precious minutes! Just be sure to use your 'shrooms within a day or two. And because "sliced" doesn't always equal "washed," quickly rinse and pat them dry before using.


Prep: 10 minutes, Price: $1.89 for 8 oz.

If you grocery-shop once or twice a week, whole mushrooms are worth the work; they'll keep for about seven days in the fridge. But unless you need that longevity, feel free to save some time and grab sliced ones.

sliced versus whole mushrooms
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito