Seasonal Superfood: Kale

Kale is tastiest in cold-weather months, when a touch of frost sweetens the leafy green. Peak season is November to March. Here's what to look for, along with recipes to try.

Brain booster

It's rich in B6 vitamins (which keep your memory sharp) and alphalinolenic acids (building blocks for creating new brain cells).

Fatigue Fighter

Eat kale with chicken, fish or beef to absorb more iron, which helps supply oxygen to your muscles.

Flat-leafed dinosaur kale (also known as tuscan or lacinato kale) is perfect for making crisp chips or cutting into strips for a hearty pasta or stew.

Juicy russian red kale is the sweetest and most tender, making it ideal for raw salads.

Peppery curly green kale pairs perfectly with steak or chicken. We love it in stir-fries!


lemon pepper kale chips

Lemon-Pepper Kale Chips

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crisp kale sald

Crisp Kale Salad

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kale sausage ragu

Kale & Sausage Ragu

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beef and kale stirfry

Beef & Kale Stir-Fry

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italian flag chickens sandwich

Italian Flag Chicken

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