These pretty orange
fruits are popping
up at farmers’
markets and grocery
stores, but not all
persimmons are
the same. Use this
guide to pick a
winner this winter.

fuyu persimmon
Photography by Alamy Stock Photo
| Credit: Photography by Alamy Stock Photo


This short, squat variety is  crisp and crunchy, with a  delicate apricotish sweetness.  A ripe Fuyu is firm but with  a slight give, like a ripe pear.  Dice it for salsa, wrap wedges  in prosciutto, or slice it up  and toss it into a salad, like our Green Salad with Persimmons & Feta.

hachiya persimmon
Credit: Photography by Alamy Stock Photo


Deep orange and slightly  acorn-shaped, a Hachiya  persimmon needs to be really  ripe before you eat it. Don't  crack open a Hachiya until  it's squishy. Any sooner and  it'll be extremely astringent.  Lop off the top and eat the  jellylike insides with a spoon.  Or mix it into batter for  cakes or muffins.