Pancakes 9 Ways

Man can't live on bread alone, but no one said anything about pancakes! These spins will have you forking into a new stack for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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Katie Barreira

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Every Day senior test kitchen associate

"To keep the first batches warm while the others cook, place them in a single layer on a baking sheet in a preheated 200°F oven."

smores pancakes

Smore's Stacks

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banana nut pancakes

Banana-Nut Cakes

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black and blue glazed pancakes

Black & Blue Glazed Pancakes

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Abigail Derethik

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Food stylist for the Rachael Ray show

"My secret to extra-fluffy pancakes: Hold off on adding the whites of the eggs until the end. I whip mine into stiff peaks, then fold them into the batter."

oatmeal raisin pancakes

Oatmeal-Raisin Pancakes

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carrot pancakes

Carrot Cakes

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crunchy pbj pancakes

Crunchy PB&J Pancakes

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Marcus Samuelsson

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Top Chef Masters Season 2 winner and chef-owner of NYC restaurant Red Rooster Harlem

"Make a sweet dish savory. The Ricotta-Thyme Sammies are great for a family-style weekend brunch. Let guests fill and top their own!"

ricotta and thyme sammies

Ricotta-Thyme Sammies

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sausage and egg pancakes

Sausage & Egg Special

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salmon and avocado blinis

Salmon & Avocado Blinis

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