There's no better place to try out an air freshener than in a test kitchen after an afternoon of frying fish. So when a bunch of samples of Febreze ONE arrived in the office, promising to "gently clean away odors," we gave them a shot, starting with a spritz over a trash bin full of onion skins and shrimp shells. We're not sure how clean the air became, but it certainly smelled better. So we sprayed a few pumps (away from the food!) after making crab cakes, bacon and a potful of curry. The spray worked so well that our editor-in-chief, who loves her some stinky cheese, hoarded the rest of the bottles.

Try these recipes and spritz away!

crab cakes thai coconut sauce
Credit: Photography by Sarah Anne Ward
orange glazed bacon
Credit: Photography by Sarah Anne Ward
Vegetable Red Curry