We've given hundreds of helpful cooking tips over the last 10 years, but we must admit, we have some favorites. We've hand-selected our best tip from every year of the magazine that we still use today. How many do you have in your cooking rotation?

1. When you're done juicing lemons, use them to wipe down a cutting board to disinfect it and make it smell nice.


2. Roast your own peppers in three easy steps:

1. Char them directly over a flame

2. Let them steam in a bowl covered with plastic wrap

3. Easily peel away the skins


3. Clean your cast-iron pan with a paste of coarse salt and water.


4. Microwave garlic cloves for 10 seconds--the skin will pop right off!


5. Out of red wine vinegar? Make a great substitute: Add 1 tsp. red wine to 2 tbsp. cider vinegar!

6. Scrambling eggs? Whisk them with a fork, not a whisk, so you don't incorporate too much air; that makes them dry.

7. Mix leftover chopped herbs with butter to make an instant flavored spread that's delicious on bread, roasted vegetables or a juicy steak.


8. The best (only!) way to pick good corn: Peel back the husk and steal a look.


9. Fresh out of confectioners' sugar? Whizz granulated sugar in a clean coffee grinder, and it turns into powder!

10. Pop out olive or cherry pits with the flat side of a knife. Press down and out they come!