In our handy onion guide, we show you how to shop, chop, saute and caramelize this super veggie. Plus, find out all about the different varieties, health benefits and other fun facts.

All About Onions

Did you know Julia Child's last meal was French onion soup? The late, great culinary icon loved onions every which way, and so should you! Read on to find out all of the amazing things you can do with 'em. 

A Guide to Onions

How to Cut an Onion

Don't cry over cut onions! Just follow our easy step-by-step onion cutting how-to and you'll be a pro in no time.

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Shopping Guide

With over 7 different kinds of onions, we can understand how it can be confusing. Use our handy dandy shopping guide to distinguish between the different types.

Healthy Fact: Onions are a strong anti-inflammatory and can reduce the risk of some cancers by more than 40 percent!

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A Guide to Onions

Yellow Onion

Yellow onions are the most common and versatile variety (they account for 87 percent of all onions grown in the U.S.) and are sometimes marketed as Spanish onions. These pungent bulbs mellow when cooked and are great for soups, sauces and stews. When buying, avoid onions with green sprouts or soft spots.

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A Guide to Onions - Yellow Onion

White Onions

White Onions are particularly sharp and juicy, which makes them an ideal accent for spicy dishes like Mexican food. While they are slightly sweeter than yellow onions when raw, they taste very similar when cooked.

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A Guide to Onions - White Onions

Red Onion

Red Onions, also known as Bermuda onions, have a sweet bite, which is why they're commonly used raw in salads and as a burger topping. Dice them raw and add to salsas or relish for a dash of color. 

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A Guide to Onions - Red Onion

Sweet Onions

Sweet Onions like vidalias, walla wallas and mauis, are mild, with a high sugar and water content; they're excellent on sandwiches when raw and the very best choice for onion rings

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A Guide to Onions - Sweet Onions

Pearl Onions

Marble-sized Pearl Onions are perfect for pickling or tossing into the slow cooker to braise with meats. To easily remove the skin, drop whole onions into boiling water for a minute; then pinch the root end and the skin will easily slip off. 

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A Guide to Onions - Pearl Onions

Cipollini Onions

Cipollini Onions are larger, flatter and a bit sweeter than pearls. They can be a tad pricier, too, so don't waste them in soups and sauces. Their natural sugars make them exceptional for roasting until sweet and serving as a stand-alone side dish. 

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A Guide to Onions - Cipollini Onions

Green Onion

Green Onions also known as scallions are mild-flavored and the immature shoots of the onion bulb. They have a narrow white stem and long, flat green leaves. Look for green onions with a bright green color and a fresh, firm texture.

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A Guide to Onions - Green Onions

How to Caramelize Onions

Now that you know which onions to buy and how to cut them, learn how to caramelize them in a snap!

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What To Do With 'Em

Caramelizing onions until they're soft and sweet requires nothing more than a little patience. Keep them on hand in the fridge to...

1. BLEND with packaged onion soup mix and sour cream for a quick potato-chip dip.
 2. STIR into risotto or mashed potatoes.
 3. SPREAD under apples or pears before baking a pie.
 4. TOSS with steamed green beans and slivered toasted almonds.
 5. BAKE on top of crostini with brie for a quick appetizer.
 6. ADD to beef stock with sherry for french onion soup.

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Caramelizing Onions

How to Saute Onions

Add another skill to your onion-cooking arsenal with sautéing. Sauted onions can add a delicious, mellow flavor to all of your favorite recipes. Watch this 50-second video to learn how you can do this at home.

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Fun Onion Fact

Did you know it would take 450 semi-trucks to hold the amount of onions Americans eat in one day?!

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Little Glazed Onions

The Crying Game (Part 1)

Did you know that the enzymes in onions produce sulfuric compounds that react with your tear ducts, causing your eyes to well up to flush out the gas? 

We tested five reputed-to-work practices to find out what stops the tears and rated them on a scale of 1-4 tears (1="Look, Ma no tears!" and 4="Bawling like a baby!"). No more chopping with blurry vision!

Test #1: Chill The Onion
 Refrigerating for 30 minutes before slicing keeps only some of the sulfuric compounds in check. The verdict? Bawling like a baby (4 tears).

Test #2: Bite Bread
 A piece of bread held between your teeth as you chop is said to absorb the offending vapors. The verdict? Cue the waterworks (3 tears)

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A Guide to Onions

The Crying Game (Part 2)

Test #3: Chew Gum
 Chomping on gum or blowing bubbles prevents you from breathing through your nose (a direct path to your tear ducts). The verdict? Getting weepy (2 tears)

Test #4: Light a Candle
 The flame sucks in the surrounding air -- and some of the tear-jerking chemical compounds with it. The verdict? Getting weepy (2 tears)

Test #5: Cover Your Eyes
 Wearing contacts or goggles can shield your baby blues from the onion's irritating gases. The verdict? Look, Ma, no tears (1 tear)

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A Guide to Onions

Lord of the Rings

For the crispiest onion rings, substitute sparkling wine (such as a reasonably priced prosecco) in the batter instead of seltzer or buttermilk. The bubbly's effervescence makes the coating light and airy.

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Onions to the Rescue

If you burn rice (hey, it happens to the best of us), quickly transfer any unblemished grains to a bowl, layer yellow-onion skins over the rice and cover with plastic wrap for 10 minutes. This will banish the burnt taste so you're Fried Rice will still be super tasty.

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Onion Poppers

These Onion Poppers will be your newest snack obsession. As the perfect party finger food or afternoon snack, you'll be eating these babies around the clock. 

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Onion Poppers

How to Grow Onions and Garlic

Bring the joy of onions home and learn how to grow easy-care onions and garlic in your home vegetable garden.

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Parting Thought

"Ogres are like onions; we both have layers." -- Shrek
 We couldn't agree with you more, Shrek! 

Shrek on Onions