Hauling presents will make a guy thirsty! Thank Santa with a tall glass of one of these new, nondairy milks—and save some for yourself, too!
Photography by The Voorhes
| Credit: Photography by The Voorhes

Four tasty options to try:


Ripple Original  ($4.29 for 48 oz.) It tastes like creamy whole cow's milk, but it's made from split peas. And, amazingly, it contains the same amount of protein. Yes, peas! 


Rebel Kitchen Coffee Mylk  ($2.99 for 11 oz.) St. Nick has a long commute; give him a boost with this coffee-infused coconut milk. Elves inform us that coconut is trendy at the North Pole, too. 

Milkadamia Unsweetened ($4.99 for 32 oz.) Macadamia nut milk tastes as decadent as it sounds, but it has only 50 calories per serving. Meaning "Santa" (aka you) can eat even more cookies! 

Credit: tk photographer

Califia Farms Ginger Almondmilk ($2.79 for 10.5 oz.) This zesty almond milk has immunity-boosting turmeric, and ginger, which may also help ward off germs. This guy's got no time for a cold!

By Larissa Zimberoff

This story appeared in the December 2016 issue.