Break out of your shell! Use odds and ends from your kitchen to decorate this year's Easter eggs.


Re-create the mesmerizing look of sprinkle-topped ice cream cones—on an egg! Use a paintbrush to coat half the egg with multipurpose glue and roll the glue- covered area in a shallow bowl filled with rainbow nonpareils or sanding sugar. Let dry; repeat with remaining half.

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Use one egg to decorate another: Crack a dyed egg and attach the pieces to a plain egg with dabs of multipurpose glue for a mosaic look. (You may need to use tweezers, but it's super easy!) You can also put broken plain pieces on a colored shell for the reverse effect.

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Give paper napkins and cupcake liners a new use. Cut out the patterns and use a paintbrush to coat an egg with Mod Podge. Attach the cutouts and apply a top coat.

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Or try an April Fool's trick and make an egg look like a tomato: Simply dye an egg and add a produce sticker.

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Wrap up your decorating with baker's twine. Tie a knot at the loose end of a roll and glue it to the narrow top of an egg; let dry. Brush the egg with more multipurpose glue a half-inch at a time, and twist the twine around the egg, adding more glue as you go, until the egg is covered. Trim the end; let dry.

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Remember the fancy dragées and hard candies you topped cupcakes with forever ago? Dig them out and grab your hot-glue gun. With a dab of adhesive, attach the candies to eggs in different patterns, like simple polka dots or rows of spirals. You can even experiment with cereal.

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By Robin Zachary; Photography by Aaron Dyer

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