Make Your Seeds, Nuts, and Flour Last for Years with this Easy Storage Trick

You're going to want to make some room in your freezer.
Opening pistachio with shell

Have you ever opened a package of nuts from your pantry and noticed that they don’t smell so great? That’s because nuts, as well as seeds and flour, contain oil. And when anything with oil sits in your pantry, it can go bad and make your food taste funky. For example, whole-wheat flour is about 2 percent oil, while macadamia nuts clock in at around 80 percent. 

To keep these foods fresh, follow our simple storage rules. Now scoot those frozen peas over and make some room!


Pantry: about 1 month

Pantry: 2 to 3 months

Pantry: 1 to 2 years for white flour, 1 to 3 months for whole-wheat

Freezer: up to 2 years for most, 3 years for pistachios

Freezer: 1 year

Freezer: indefinitely for white flour, 1 year for whole-wheat

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