Learn How to Make Your Own Salad Dressing and Never Buy Another Bottle

Making your own salad dressing is fast, easy, and tasty.
Basic Vinaigrette

Put down the bottle and pick up the whisk! 

For a basic vinaigrette, start with three parts oil to one part vinegar, adjusting the ratio to taste. Season, then whisk until smooth or pour into a jar and shake. 

Once you've got that down, customize with the ideas below so you can actually get excited to eat that big bowl of greens.

Tarragon Dijon


Vinegar: apple cider vinegar

Mix-ins: lemon juice, honey, fresh tarragon, Dijon

Try it with: Kale & Collard Salad

kale collard salad with lemon dressing

Not-Your-Basic Balsamic


Vinegar: balsamic vinegar

Mix-ins: anchovy paste, dried Italian seasoning, crushed red pepper flakes

Try it with: Italian Three-Bean Salad

italian three bean salad

Pineapple Spice

Oil: canola oil

Vinegar: rice wine vinegar

Mix-ins: pineapple juice, ground allspice, fresh thyme

Try it with: Jerk-y Shrimp & Mango Pasta Salad

Jerk-y Shrimp & Mango Pasta Salad