Do as the Italians do: Grate your own garlic, bake your own biscotti and be a pasta pro! We're here to teach you these easy and useful skills so you can enjoy Italian per sempre!

How to Prep Garlic

Get these pungent little cloves ready to go for any Italian meal! Remember, the finer you chop garlic the more potent it becomes. For milder flavor, go bigger!


One Smart Cookie

"When I bake biscotti, I stand them on their flat bottoms instead of laying them on their sides on the baking sheet. I can fit all of the cookies on one sheet, and they don't need to be turned over as they bake."
Tracey Seaman, Test Kitchen Director


Broccolini vs. Broccoli Rabe

"They're both green and leafy, but only one of these veggies is related to good old broccoli. Broccolini is the name of a specific broccoli-Chinese kale hybrid. It has a mild flavor, slim stalks and small florets. Broccoli rabe, aka broccoletti or rapini, a member of the turnip family, is leafier and has a sharper flavor than broccolini. Blanch, steam or sauté either veggie and serve with roasted meat, toss with pasta or add to soup. Try both and decide which one you like the best!"
Katie Barreira, Senior Test Kitchen Associate

Broccoli rabe

Be a Pasta Pro

Use your noodle! Make your next pasta dinner a lot better (and a whole lot easier!) by trying these three quick tips.


Osso Bucco: The Hole Story

The Italian classic is a comforting mix of braised veal shanks and vegetables. Osso bucco translates to "bone with a hole," which refers to the cross-section view of the sliced shank bone. The hole looks cool and rustic, and it also contains the marrow, which infuses the dish with its deep, rich flavor.


Keep It Coming!

Best-Ever Pizza Dough