Get familiar with fresh tomatoes during the summer months, and give them some play this season.


Learn about the different kinds of tomatoes, then put them to work in our recipe picks:

Hothouse and Vine-Ripened Sold in clusters on the vine, spicy aroma. Chop into store-bought soup or salsa; firm flesh hold up well. Use them to make:

Green Firm and tart, picked when full size yet green and unripe. Cut into thick slices, batter and deep-fry. Use them to make:

Grape One-bite size, sweet like their cherry-shaped cousins. Drop into a martini, toss into salads or roast. Use them to make:

Yellow Teardrop Similar in texture to cherry tomatoes, but sweeter. Add to sauces and salads for extra color.

Plum Small, oblong, high in pulp, not in juice. Peel and cook down into tomato sauce. Use them to make:

Beefsteak Big, mild and juicy, also known as steak-house tomatoes. Slice and serve on sandwiches and burgers.

Cherry Heirloom Sweet and pulpy, the runts of the tomato family. Skewer and grill with other veggies or meat.

Heirloom Naturally pollinated, quirky looking (all shapes, sizes and colors), intense flavor. Slice and sprinkle with salt and olive oil.