In Season Spinach

Fresh spinach is best December through April. Here are the best ways to pick, use and store spinach.
ham and spinach salad

Choose leaves that are crisp and dry.

Look for taut, springy skin with fine pores.

Refrigerate in the crisper for up to 3 days.

Avoid yellowed leaves and those with dark-colored water spots or a strong odor.

Wash leaves, shake dry, then wrap in a paper towel, place in a plastic bag and refrigerate.

Use it...

In a pita pocket. Mix with chopped dill, basil and parsley, then dress with olive oil and lemon juice; layer with hummus and grilled chicken.

In a spicy side. Simmer in unsweetened coconut milk with a pinch of salt and crushed red pepper; serve over brown rice with lime wedges.

In a casserole. Sauté, then toss with cooked egg noodles, butter, grated swiss cheese and chopped onion; transfer to a baking dish, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and bake until the cheese melts.

In a burger. Finely chop; stir into ground turkey with crumbled feta and form patties.

In a sauce. Chop and mix with chopped mint and cucumber; stir into plain yogurt with a dash of paprika.

In a smoothie. Puree with green tea, frozen mango, yogurt and some honey.


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