Get Fresh: Onions

This supporting vegetable deserves the spotlight. Peel away and find its potential with aromatic recipes.
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This vegetable is best in the fall months. Learn how to pick, use and slice:

Choose firm bulbs with shiny, tight skin.

Store them in a cool dry place.

Peel the outer skin, but leave the root intact to bind layers during chopping.

Slice using a sharp knife, which will help cut back on tears.

Learn about types of onions then put them to work in our recipe picks:

Red onions are sweet and spicy -- ideal for both eating raw and simply grilled or broiled. Use them to make:

Chicken Liver Ravioli with Red Onion Marmalade

Yellow onions are balanced between sweet and spicy and are all-purpose for cooking. Sweet yellow onions, such as vidalias, are perishable and should be refrigerated. Use them to make:

Onion Rings with Creamy Cajun Sauce

White onions have a sharp tang, but mellow with slow-cooking. Use them to make:

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