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Get Fresh: Onions

This supporting vegetable deserves the spotlight. Peel away and find its potential with aromatic recipes.

This vegetable is best in the fall months. Learn how to pick, use and slice:

Choose firm bulbs with shiny, tight skin.

Store them in a cool dry place.

Peel the outer skin, but leave the root intact to bind layers during chopping.

Slice using a sharp knife, which will help cut back on tears.

Learn about types of onions then put them to work in our recipe picks:

Red onions are sweet and spicy -- ideal for both eating raw and simply grilled or broiled. Use them to make:

Chicken Liver Ravioli with Red Onion Marmalade

Yellow onions are balanced between sweet and spicy and are all-purpose for cooking. Sweet yellow onions, such as vidalias, are perishable and should be refrigerated. Use them to make:

Onion Rings with Creamy Cajun Sauce

White onions have a sharp tang, but mellow with slow-cooking. Use them to make:

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