Add some 'shrooms to the grocery list and try out four hearty new meals.


Mushrooms are best in the fall months. Brush up on some basic types and use them in great recipes:

White mushrooms are spongy; have mild flavor; are better raw than cooked. Serve them whole on crudités platters. Use them to make:

Shiitake mushrooms are hearty and meaty; have a smoky flavor; hold up well in stews. Sauté them in butter. Use them to make:

Cremini mushrooms are young portobellos; meatier and earthier than white mushrooms. Toss them into stir-fries. Use them to make:

Portobello mushrooms are extra large and meaty; release lots of liquid when cooked. Grill them as a stand-in for a burger. Use them to make: