Howard Helmer, senior national representative from the American Egg Board in New York City, shares his top secrets for using eggs in every day recipes.

eat your heart out eggs

Howard has been with the Egg Board for over 40 years. "Eggs and I are like a happily married couple," he says. He holds not one, but two Guinness World Records: Fastest Omelet Maker and Fastest Omelet Flipper. "I used six pans and made 427 omelets in 30 minutes to earn my title," he says. "I listened to hip-hop music and worked to the beat. That's what kept me going." Despite all of his records, he's an easy egg to crack when it comes to spilling his insider tricks -- about omelets or otherwise.


Take eggs beyond breakfast
 They play nice with most foods, especially leftovers. "You can put practically anything in an omelet, strata, quiche or even a soufflé," he says. Howard gussies up his eggs by stirring in 2 tablespoons dry white wine or any creamy salad dressing for every 2 to 3 eggs used in an omelet or scrambled eggs. Try any favorite condiments, like Tabasco sauce or Dijon mustard.

Hard-boiled eggs shouldn't stink
 It's boiling them too long that causes the sulfurous stench. To avoid that, place a single layer of eggs in a pot and cover with water by 1 inch. Pop on a lid, bring the water to a boil and then immediately remove the pot from the heat. Let the eggs stand, covered, for 14 minutes before plunging them into ice-cold water.

Yolks can burst when cracked into a hot pan for fried or poached eggs
 To keep the golden center intact, crack the egg into a small bowl before sliding it into the pan.