How to Use a Cleaver

The cleaver is the new must-have knife for home cooks! "You can do so many tasks faster with a cleaver," says Matt Lindemulder, co-owner of Porchetta restaurant in NYC. "They have a nice, hefty feel, but the sharp blades slice thinly and easily, and the wide side is very useful." Try these prep tasks to start!
meat cleaver

Peel and smash garlic: Use the broad side to crush the clove, remove the skin, then scoop it into the pot.

Cut open hard squash for seeding: Focus, aim, cleave!

Thinly slice veggies: Keep your wrist straight; move at the elbow.

First-Timer Tip! Try an Asian-style cleaver -- they're more petite, with a thinner, lighter blade that's easier to use!


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