There's a food for every mood. Here's what to eat when you're craving...
comfort food


Lo mein straight from the carton. In the movies, couples bask in the afterglow over cartons of takeout noodles. And unlike most cinematic moments, this scenario plays out just as well in reality. Eating with chopsticks urges us to slow down and bond between bites.


Tacos. Nothing says "possibilities" like a tortilla begging to be stuffed with all the fixins: juicy meats, chunky salsas, shredded cheese, creamy guacamole, heaping piles of lettuce ... mix and match to your heart's (and stomach's) content!


Fruit smoothie. Comfort food doesn't have to be measured in tons of calories. When we crave a clean slate, we take a few simple ingredients from our fridge (think yogurt, berries and ice) and go to town with the blender. It fills us up without filling us out.


Mac 'n' cheese. When has this dish ever let you down? It brings back the days when Mom told us we could be anything we dreamed of, and our biggest decision of the afternoon was whether to watch The Bugs Bunny Show or Tom and Jerry. Le sigh.