How to Pair Junk Food and Wine

When wine o’clock meets snacktime, magic can happen. Sommelier Laura Burgess of shows you how to do the high-low thing right.
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wine and snacks

Onion dip & Pinot Noir

“Reminiscent of caramelized onion—seriously, smell it—a light Pinot Noir works great here.”

Pizza bites & Rosé

“Dry rosés are crisp and delicate, a perfect contrast to chewy, cheesy pizza bites.”

Skittles & Moscato

“To satisfy a sweet tooth, try this fruity matchup. Moscato complements the whole rainbow!”

Pringles & Sauvignon Blanc

“The zippy acidity from a Sauvignon Blanc rinses your palate clean, so you’re ready for the next handful of chips.”