How to Make the Perfect Pot of Rice

Even without a rice cooker, you can still make a fluffy dish in no time.
sausage pilaf

Generally, use two cups of water for each cup of uncooked grains. Watch our Step by Step video to see more details, plus read on for our favorite tips and recipes.

To add flavor, try cooking rice in different liquids like broth, fruit or vegetable juice, tea or coconut milk.

Don't peek! Cook the rice, covered, for 15 to 20 minutes. If you sneak a look, the steam will escape and you'll add to your cooking time.

Not eating immediately? Fluff the rice with a fork, then drape a kitchen towel over the pot and close it. The towel will catch the lid's condensation so the rice doesn't get gummy.

Reheat rice easily by sprinkling it with about two tablespoons' water for each cup of rice.

Watch our Step by Step video

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VIDEO: How to Make a Pot of Rice