Our test-kitchen pros are pancake masters—and you can be, too. These seven simple tricks will help you turn out a fantastic stack every time.
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| Credit: Photography by Getty Images

7 Tips for Making the Perfect Pancake

  1. Always use buttermilk. The acidity adds a tangy flavor and helps make the pancakes fluffier than those made with regular milk.
  2. Warm things up. Wait for the wet ingredients to come to room temperature before you use them. They'll be easier to blend into the batter, which will help prevent overmixing.
  3. Whip your whites. For pancakes with lots of height, separate your eggs and whip the whites to stiff peaks. Mix the yolks with the wet stuff. Fold the whites into the batter at the very end.
  4. Leave the lumps. Too much mixing creates gluten, which translates into tough pancakes.
  5. Preheat. Great pancakes start with a hot pan. To test yours, just add a drop of water. When it sizzles across the surface, bring on the batter.
  6. Oil the griddle. For an even golden color, cook in oil instead of butter. Butter has a lower smoke point than oil and will burn much more quickly.
  7. Don't flip too soon. You'll know it's time to turn when the edges of the pancake start to look a little dry and the bubbles on top burst, leaving little holes behind.