You don't have to spend $9 on a jar or all day in the kitchen to get the trendy, delicious pickles you crave. Turn your favorite seasonal produce -- nectarines, green beans and, of course, cucumbers -- into tangy, tasty refrigerator pickles. They're so simple, you'll want to try them all!


It's About Time!

Finally, pickles that don't take weeks to cure! But you should still let refrigerator pickles chill out in the fridge for at least three days before eating for the best texture and flavor. You'll know they're ready to eat when they have a balanced tang and are crisp-tender.


Spicy Stuffed Cucumbers

A little heat goes a long way! Add a sliver of one of these chile-filled pickles and a splash of brine to spice up a dirty martini.

Easy-Breezy Bread & Butters

Layer these sweet-sour cukes onto burgers or hoagies, or chop them and stir into egg or tuna salad.

Dilly Green Beans

Beans brined with dill will add oomph to your three-bean salad. At brunch, use them to garnish Bloody Marys.

Dilly Green Beans

Classic Dill Cukes

This homemade version of the classic spear is garlicky and crunchy—your sandwich's BFF!

Don't Forget the Fruit

When it comes to preserving, vegetables get a ton of love. But tender-skinned stone fruits and berries are rip for the pickling, too! They readily soak up brine, creating sweet-tart pickles just right for cheese plates, salads—even cocktails!

Don't Forget the Fruit

Pickled Beets with Orange & Rosemary

Scatter some of these blushing beauties on garlic-rubbed toast, or toss with goat cheese and greens.

Sweet Pickled Peppers

Build a killer sub sandwich with zesty pickled peppers, provolone cheese and your favorite deli meats.

Sweet Pickled Peppers

Pickled Blackberries

Perk up fruit salads, serve with lamb, or muddle them into a mojito or gin and tonic.

Pickled Blackberries

Pickled Nectarines

Chop the fruit and toss with couscous, fresh basil and roasted nuts, or dice and spoon over pork chops. (Psst: This recipe works just as well with peaches.)