Lose the lines, save some cash: These supermarket sites are worth bookmarking.
Online Shopping Chart

Skittish about shopping online? Seventy-one percent of you are -- but you shouldn't be. Here's why:

You'll save time. Sure, it may take time to get acclimated to a site at first, but most online grocers let you save your lists, so it's just click and go.

You can see what you have on hand. You can't forget what's in your pantry when it's in the next room.

You're less likely to impulse-buy. Say goodbye to being seduced by flashy displays -- plus, online stores edit their inventory, so you're not overwhelmed by endless options. A recent study shows that the more choices we have, the more we're conflicted and exhausted.

You won't be shocked by your bill. Since you can see your total bill rise with each addition to your virtual cart, you're less likely to overspend.

Prices were valid at the time this article was published in May 2009.