How to Dress Up Your Sandwich

Million-dollar question: When's the last time a sandwich made you swoon? That long, huh? Well, lay your eyes on these spare-no-details creations: Consider them meals trapped in the body of a sandwich. From stacked double-deckers to creamy open-faced numbers, here are six ways to make them taste like a million bucks.

Knife-and-Fork Steak-and-Radicchio Sandwiches

Subtly repeat an ingredient, like rosemary in the bread and marinade, to deliciously tie together the layers.

steak sandwich

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Tuna Salad Specials with Egg-in-the-Hole Brioche

An egg-in-the-hole with brioche puts a spin on your average fried-egg sandwich.

tuna with brioche

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Double-Decker Chipotle Chicken Clubs

Brighten a sandwich with a layer of watercress, which adds a light, spicy flavor.

double decker chicken club

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Open-Faced Ricotta-and-Hazelnut Butter Sandwiches

Slow-cook garlic to bring out its buttery, sweet flavors.

risotto hazelnut sandwich

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Herbed Turkey Meatball Subs

Spike ground meat with chopped pancetta to add a smoky richness.

turkey meatball subs

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Creamed Spinach-and-Ham Broilers on White

Use creamed spinach as a filling for an indulgent riff on comfort food.

spinach ham broilers

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