Wood Chip Guide
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| Credit: Photography by Shutterstock

For smoky meat without a smoker, throw a handful of wood chips onto ash-covered charcoal, or wrap in foil before tossing right on the same in your gas grill. Different woods make for different favors, so here's how to choose your chips!


Apple- and cherry-wood chips add a sweet, subtle flavor to food. To let them shine, use when you're grilling milder stuff, like chicken breasts and fish.


Oak, hickory, maple and pecan chips have a stronger smokiness that meshes well with pork, beef or dark-meat chicken.     


For a super-smoky flavor, go for mesquite. It works well with strongly flavored meats, like beef or lamb, but you won't need more than a cup: A little goes a long way!


There's no rule that you have to use just one kind of chip. Play around with blends—try mild and medium, so neither overpowers the other—for a custom-scented smoke.