How to Baste Turkey or Chicken

Take your pick of moistening methods when your goal is a juicy turkey or chicken.
basting made easy

Give the bird a one-time greasing, then roast without peeking. The more you open the oven door, the longer the turkey takes to cook!

Don't want to get your hands dirty? Drape the bird with butters-oaked cheesecloth. The butter will baste the bird as it roasts, saving you the hassle.

Begin roasting the turkey breast side down, then, halfway through cooking time, turn the bird upright. Gravity helps the fattier dark meat moisten the breast.

your turkey under the skin before it goes in the oven. The melted butter trapped between the meat and the skin will have plenty of time to flavor your bird.

Baste with a mixture of butter and wine for an unconventional, buttery gobbler with a tangy kick.


VIDEO: How to prep a butter-basted turkey

VIDEO: How to cook a butter-basted turkey