Holiday Cocktail Trends


Champagne Instead of Soda
Use champagne, prosecco or other fizzy wines as mixers to boost the flavor of drinks that call for soda water, like a mojito.

Fresh Ginger Syrup
It's sweeter and spicier than you'd expect, says cocktail expert Camper English. Simmer 2 oz. peeled, sliced ginger with a cup each of water and sugar for 30 minutes. When cool, add soda water to make homemade ginger ale, or pour the syrup into drinks like moscow mules or dark 'n' stormies.

Homemade Sour Mix
Camper's recipe trades that too-tart powdered mix for a fresh, just-squeezed version. Swish 1 part sugar in 1 part water and 1 part lemon or lime juice (or a combo!). Add to drinks like whiskey sours and margaritas.

Fortified Wine Mixers
If a cocktail calls for vermouth, substitute luscious sherry or port. Sherry adds a pleasantly unexpected, nutty, raisiny taste to a martini, and port gives honeylike sweetness and smoothness to a classic manhattan, Camper says.


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