Halloween Tricks and Treats

Take a nice long look at this sweet and savory spread. All the classics are here -- pizza, grilled cheese, sliders...even cupcakes and cherry pie. Or are they? Come along as we put our favorite foods in delicious disguise. Your eyes may deceive you, but your taste buds will beg for more.

Ham-and-Tomato Pie

This pie is anything but sweet.


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Sausage Meatloaf Cupcakes with Creamy Potato Frosting

They only look like cupcakes.


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Savory Ricotta Waffles with Red-Hot Jam

These waffles are too hot for breakfast.


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French Toast Ice Cream Sandwiches

Brr! This is one chilly sandwich!

grilled cheese

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Fudge Cookie Sliders

What crunchy buns these have.


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Strawberry Jam Tart

You can't stop at one slice.

mozzarella pizza

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