Have a friend who is gluten intolerant or avoiding gluten with a birthday coming up? Bake her a gluten-free cake with any of our three favorite gluten-free flours. We tested a slew and found these standouts.

3 Great Gluten-Free Flours

 Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour ($4.29 for 22 oz.)
 The garbanzo and fava bean flours in this mix gave our cake a hearty, cornbread-like flavor that's ideal for quick breads and muffins.

 Gluten Free Pantry All-Purpose Flour ($4.69 for 16 oz.)
 Without gluten, a cake can turn into a crumbly mess. But the clean and mild-tasting treat made from this blend of white rice flour, potato starch and other ingredients held together as well as any conventional confection.

 Cup 4 Cup Gluten Free Flour ($19.95 for 47 oz.)
 The cake containing chef Thomas Keller's new flour won everyone over with its creamy, tender texture (thanks to milk powder), subtly sweet flavor and rich caramelized finish (from a unique mix of flours).

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