In our helpful strawberry guide we'll tell you how to pick, shop and cook with this juicy fruit. Plus, it's chalk full of fun and useful strawberry facts and delicious recipes to whip up this season!


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A strawberry by any other name...would still taste as sweet, but technically, it shouldn't be called a "berry." True berries, like blueberries and cranberries, have seeds inside, whereas strawberry seeds are on the outside of the fruits.

All About Strawberries

Shopping Guide

Strawberries stop ripening as soon as they're picked, so don't buy green ones thinking they'll mature -- they won't!

Did you know? There are 200 seeds on the average strawberry (give or take a few!).

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Shopping Guide

Strawberry Salsa

Try this sweet-spicy summer salsa over grilled meats or fish, or scoop it up with chips!

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Better Berries

When it comes to deciding whether to splurge on organic strawberries, consider this: They have more vitamin C and antioxidants than conventional berries, according to a Washington State University study, and because they contain less water, they tend to have a more concentrated sweetness. They're also purer -- a very good thing, since regular berries have one of the highest concentrations of pesticide residues of all produce tracked by the USDA.

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Better Berries


Toss sliced strawberries with balsamic vinegar and let sit for 20 minutes; spoon on toasts slathered with ricotta cheese.

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Strawberry and Cucumber Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a delicious (and easy!) summer recipe. Here's a strawberry-twist on the classic cold soup:

Blend berries with EVOO, minced garlic and peeled cucumber. Serve chilled.

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Strawberry Pizza

Sprinkle strawberries, arugula and feta on top of store-bought dough before baking.

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Pizza Dough

In the Sweet Spot

Since the 1800s, strawberries have been a grand slam at Wimbledon, Britain's famous tennis tournament. Each year, spectators consume over 30 tons in the form of strawberries and cream, the event's signature dish. Picked from farms in nearby Kent up to 24 hours before serving, they belong to a breed that's smaller and more tart than what we find here in the States. Not that anyone's complaining!

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Strawberries 'n' Cream Cake

How to Decorate a Cake

Learn how to decorate a cake using fruit, nuts, candy and more in this how-to video.

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Drunken Strawberries

All you need for this scrumptious dessert is some light red wine, sugar, Cognac and berries. Serve over ice cream for the perfect spiked summer treat.

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Drunken Strawberries

Berry Tiramisu

This berry delicious dessert is perfect for any occasion. Randomly distribute the strawberries, blackberries and blueberries on top to create a casual and colorful topping.

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Berry Tiramisu

Strawberry-Prosecco Sparkler

The perfect pairing to any sparkling wine or champagne? Strawberries, of course!

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Strawberry Prosecco Sparkler

Balsamic Berries

You may look twice at this interesting combo of balsamic vinegar and strawberries, but the flavors go hand in hand.

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Balsamic Berries

Strawberry Marshmallow & Cracker Cake

Not your average strawberry shortcake! This crazy-cool pie from Momofuku Milk Bar Pastry Chef, Christina Tosi, is both sweet and salty with strawberry-flavored marshmallow cream fluff and butter crackers.

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Strawberry Marshmallow & Cracker Cake

Strawberry Sauce

The possibilities are endless! This sauce can be warmed up and poured over waffles; freezed in paper cups with Popsicle sticks; layered with fresh fruit, yogurt and granola; spooned over ice cream or sorbet; or blended into a milkshake or a fruit smoothie.

Strawberry Sauce

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