Get out your corn holders -- it's that time of year! Learn how to shop, clean and cook with corn, all before the summer's over!

Kernels of Wisdom

Corn comes in yellow, white and bicolor varieties, but color doesn't affect the flavor. For the freshest ears, check for firm, glossy kernels.

One way to see if corn is at its best is to peel back the husk and sneak a peek. Or, if you want to stay in your grocer's good graces, look for green, pliable husks and ears that feel heavy for their size and have lots of golden silk.

Corn tastes best on the day you buy it -- before its sugars turn to starch -- but it will keep in the husk wrapped in plastic and refrigerated for up to 3 days.

Kernels of Wisdom

Silk Buster

Nuke 2 ears of corn on high for 2 to 4 minutes. Cut off the bottom inch and yank the top of the husk. The cob will shimmy out silk-free and ready to eat!

Silk Buster!

Bulk Up

Corn has more protein than most veggies: 5 grams per cup. That's almost as much as a small egg!

How Corny

In the early 1900s, seed catalogs featured silly wisecracks that became known as "corn" jokes. They were so popular, some say that's how the grain became associated with goofy humor!

All Ears

Give your corn a twist with these quick, tasty ideas.

Pesto Cob

Coat ears of grilled corn with butter and pesto, then sprinkle with grated parm.

No-Cream Soup

Puree 2 parts fresh kernels with 1 part chicken broth. Garnish with basil.

No-Cream Soup

Summer Salad

Mix fresh kernels with sliced peaches, chopped shallots and torn mint.

Cheesy Corn Salad

Corn Risotto

Stir fresh kernels into risotto. Top with crumbled bacon and blue cheese.

Go Whole Cob!

We've got 15 cool corn on the cob ideas -- slather with guac! sprinkle with bacon!