The jolly giant of citrus fruit moves beyond basic breakfast, adding a surprising sweet-and-sour bite to these recipes.


This fruit is best January through March. Learn the best ways to pick, use and store grapefruit:

Choose a fruit that is heavy for its size.

Look for taut, springy skin with fine pores.

Refrigerate in the crisper for up to 2 weeks.

Avoid skin that has soft spots or is rough and withered.

Use it...

In a crab roll Combine chopped grapefruit and avocado, shaved fennel, crabmeat and mayonnaise; serve on toasted hot dog buns.

In a ceviche Marinate raw scallops and chopped chiles in grapefruit juice until the scallops are opaque, 1 hour; top with grapefruit segments.

In a sauce Sauté grapefruit segments and juice with shallots until reduced; remove from the heat and stir in cold cubes of butter; serve over a whitefish like tilapia.

In a dressing Whisk together grapefruit juice, honey mustard, olive oil and chopped tarragon, then toss with winter greens like escarole and radicchio.

As a sweet treat Substitute grapefruit juice and peel for lemon in your favorite curd or meringue pie.