“I’m obsessed with reducing food waste right now,” celeb chef Richard Blais says, so he’s teaching his kids to use up everything. His tips will help the planet and your grocery bill.

blais and daughters cook ramen
Photography by Amy Dickerson
| Credit: Photography by Amy Dickerson

Find flavor everywhere: "Cilantro, dill, and parsley stems are just as delicious as the leaves. Use them!"

Creamy Avocado-Cilantro Dip

You really can pickle that: "Pickling is superfast. You don't have to be Grandma and get Mason jars and seal them for next winter. If you bought too many vegetables at the market, you can just put some sugar, vinegar, salt, and water on the stove for a quick brine. Put the veggies in a jar, top with the brine, and stick them in the fridge."

Scrappy Pickles

Challenge yourself: "We'll set some time where we don't throw out any scraps. For example, if I take the leafy greens off a bunch of carrots, I'll put them in a container in the fridge. Later, I'll see if I can make a pesto with whatever is there or add the scraps to some vegetable stock."

grilled carrots with carrot-top salsa verde

Make trash trendy: "The bowl craze is upon us—and it's a nice way to use leftovers. You just throw together grains, veggies, a little protein, and a dressing. It's a great way to cook at home."

Broccoli-Chicken Bowls
richard blais and daughter sip ramen
Credit: Photography by Amy Dickerson