How to Cook with Wine: Make a Splash

Give wine new purpose as a star ingredient.
sauteed carrots

Fish fillets, shellfish or vegetables should cook with light, crisp whites, such as dry resiling, muscadet and unoaked sauvignon blanc and chardonnay.

Beef or lamb chunks, tuna or salmon steaks should cook with soft, juicy red, such as merlot, syrah, beaujolais and cotes du rhone.

Chicken should cook with light, crisp whites or soft juicy reds.

Apricots, plums, pears or tropical fruit should cook with sweet whites, such as sweet riesling, white zinfandel, muscat and sauternes.

Berries or figs should cook with sweet red, such as ruby port and port-style zinfandel.


Glazed Carrots

Red Wine Chicken

Mussels in White Wine

Fruit Soup with Port


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