Our mother-daughter real-life tester team, Penny and Bizzy, took our challenge to cook our version of the Classic Thanksgiving Dinner and report back about our turkey, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, stuffing and pumpkin pie feast!


Cookin' Up a Classic

Penny, 68, and Bizzy, 42, love their traditional Thanksgiving dinner. So when we enlisted their help to make our Classic menu and share with us their thoughts, this mother-daughter duo took the task very seriously.

Classic real-life testers

Aisle Accessories

First stop: the grocery story. It was a rainy day, so the pair didn't mind spending it indoors collecting the ingredients for their feast.

Grocery shopping

Like a Pro

Bizzy got busy reading the instructions once at home.

Menu instructions

Ready to Roast

What's the star of a traditional turkey day meal? Why the turkey, of course! This honking bird takes an hour to prep and an hour and 45 minutes to roast, but the outcome is worth the wait! 

Raw turkey

Pear-fect Produce

While waiting on the main event, Penny and Bizzy worked diligently on the just-as-delicious side dishes. First up was the Jellied Cranberry Sauce. Fresh cranberries, oranges and barlett pears jam-pack this side with flavor. 

Cranberry sauce ingredients

Red Hot

Forget about the flavor: that's one bright and beautiful sauce! Set the gelatin in non-stick pans and let chill for 6 hours or overnight for an intact cranberry sauce.

Cherry-Chipotle sauce

Bring on the Brussels

Brussels sprouts were new to our testers. Their personal touch to our recipe: bacon!

Brussels sprouts

The Great Debate

While some of the table debated about if they prefer Brussels sprouts to green beans, no one could deny the tastiness! Bizzy's husband, Jeff, says "There were lots of unexpected flavors in the sprouts!"

Brussels sprouts

Potato Mashing Time

Let out a little aggression...on your potatoes! Mash to your preferred lumpiness for classic tatos just like you grew up eating.

Mashed potatoes

Scream for Creamy

The end result: creamy to perfect. Penny describes the mashed potatoes as "very tasty. Creamy even if a little lumpy."

Creamy mashed potatoes

Stuffing Secret

For our classic stuffing recipe, we combined two different loaves, both sourdough and raisin-pecan. This hits on a fruity and tangy note.


Take Notes

The end result: Jeff called our recipe "maybe the best stuffing ever!" We'll take it!


Stick a Fork In It

The turkey's done! Get super crispy skin by flipping the bird in the pan halfway through roasting to bronze both sides. Then, let it rest for 30 minutes before serving.

Cooked turkey

Busy at Work

Penny whipped up our crust for the Deep-Dish Pumpkin Pie while waiting for the bird to rest.

Penny cooking pumpkin pie

Crimp Happy

Penny pressed in the crust with her hands. When she went to bake it, she made a "halo" of foil to cover the edges and keep it from burning.

Pumpkin pie crust

Table Talk

A pretty runner and Bizzy's grandmother's china completed the table setting. The Tuscon-natives included bird of paradise flowers for a colorful touch.

Table setting

Dig In!

Once the cooking was done, Bizzy says it "felt very much like Thanksgiving. Especially when I saw the table and ate the food."

Eating Thanksgiving dinner

Last Dish

The team finished off a full day with a delicious, smooth and creamy festive pumpkin pie. Bizzy described it as "really good and not spicy like normal."

Pumpkin Pie

Classic Thanksgiving Dinner

This menu is the traditional feast your family craves.

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner