Everyone's home for the holidays and eagerly awaiting the most delicious meal of the season: Christmas brunch.


Holidays are just another good excuse for a big meal -- make that two big meals: Christmas or Christmas Eve dinner and, the next morning, a big, hearty brunch. Make things easy by throwing leftover turkey into a deceptively simple soufflé and whip up a few tasty sides. Bake the traditional Swedish Coffee Bread the day before, and just pop it in the oven. Brunch is served!



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How to Construct Swedish Coffee Bread

1. Roll up the dough lengthwise, jelly-roll style.

2. With scissors, cut slices, 2 inches apart, into the top of the dough, stopping just short of cutting though the bottom.

3. Fan each slice out alternately to the left and right, forming a leaflike pattern. Brush the dough with a mix of milk and egg, and bake.

How to Build a Fire

1. Place a midsize (6-inch diameter) log near the rear wall of the fireplace; that's your "backlog."

2. Stuff newspaper under and in front of the backlog. Arrange dry, thin sticks (kindling) on top of the paper, propping them against the backlog.

3. Place another midsize log a few inches in front of and parallel to the backlog and a third log diagonally on top of the two.

4. Light the newspaper. Stoke the fire occasionally, adding more logs as necessary.