CHECKOUT: The Best New Grocery Store Finds for April 2017

This month, we tried 114 products to find the six worth tossing into your cart.
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lays white cheddar poppables

Lay’s Poppables in White Cheddar ($1.69) “These hollow, UFO-shaped snacks have lots of surface area for flavor.” —Jennifer R. Beck, executive lifestyle editor

honest tea unsweet peach ginger tea

Honest Tea Unsweet Peach Ginger Tea ($1.79)  “For a midday pick-me-up, I’ve traded soda for this fruity, zero-sugar tea.” —Cecily McAndrews, food editor

breakfast hero chocolate multigrain pancake batter

Breakfast Hero Chocolate Multigrain Pancake Batter ($3.99) “Pancakes on Monday? It’s possible with this premade batter.” —Elizabeth Zuhl, associate art director

bibigo korean style fire-grilled beef rice bowl

Bibigo Korean Style Fire-Grilled Beef Rice Bowl ($3.99) “This is the best frozen Korean food I’ve found—salty-sweet, with tender meat. Even my kids would go for it.” —Betsey Barnum, production director

coconut cashew coco-roons in salted caramel

Coconut Cashew Coco-Roons in Salted Caramel ($7.99) “Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO: These cookies have all the buzzwords. Luckily, they also taste amazing.” —Claire Lea, lifestyle intern

the new primal snack mates classic turkey

The New Primal Snack Mates Classic Turkey ($5.99) “If I pack this tasty, low-ish-sodium jerky in my kid’s lunch box, she’ll actually eat it! Or at least trade for something really good.” —Lauren Iannotti, executive editor